We Raqanato Naike, by Gods grace King of Tanjour and all the surrounding territories, hereby announce and make known to Ourself, and to our succeeding Raqnats and Kings of Tanjour, and to all others, how His Most Screne Highness, Prince and Majesty, our beloved friend and ally, Christian IV, by Gods grace King of Denmark and Norway, etc., has gracefully despatched his ambassador, the noble and esteemed gentleman Ove Gjedde of Tommerup, to these Indian territories, and the said Gjedde has arrived safely here, and on behalf of His Majesty has advanced a request for lasting peace and a lasting alliance between His Majesty the King of Denmark and Ourself, which mentioned peace and alliance can be of advantage of both of us and to our subjects and territories, and so we have approved of this kind and liberal offer, we have consequently and after due deliberation and reflection contracted and concluded and signed the following
articles with him, and moreover we hereby contract and conclude:

1   We shall always and in al eternity observe and maintain irrevocable peace and in irrevocable alliance with His Majesty the King of Denmark and with his subjects and territories.

2   The subjects or the companies of the King of Denmark shall always be permitted to carry out trade in all our territories without any form of customs duties or any other financial burdens, as freely and as safely as in the territories of the King of Denmark.

3   We are committed always to defend and favour the subjects of the King of Denmark in the practice of their faith, called the Augsburg Confession, and we shall never tolerate that they be oppressed because of their faith.

4   We are committed always to defend the Danes throughout all our territories against hostility of any kind and against all hostile people, and we must, moreover, assist them in their affairs in accordance with their demands.

5   The Danes may deal not only with all our vassals and subjects, but also with all foreigners who enter our territories.

6   Our subjects shad never be allowed fraudulently to alter or unlawfully to sell their merchandise to the subjects of the King of Denmark.

7   We shall never permit other Europeans or other Indians to trade or carry out any dealings or  other activities in any of our territories with the sole exception of the Danes and the Portuguese in Nagapatnam.

8   In the course of their trade throughout our territories, the Danes shall always be permitted to use the money of the King of Denmark, which money is called Danish silver crowns, and moreover Singhalese silver larins, and the value of each crown shall be 14 or 15 gold fanoes, depending on its price.

9   Those who deal in counterfeit coins shall forfeit their lives, and they shall moreover forfeit their property, the property of the Danes shall go to the King of Denmark and the property of our subjects shall go to Ourself.

10   The King of Denmark shall, in our territory, exercise justice over those of his subjects who do wrong and the nature of the justice shall be according to the nature of the case, just as we shall exercise justice over our own subjects.

11   In our country the inhabitants of Trankebar and those of Nagapatnam shall always be solely friends.

12   In case sampans or other ships belonging to the King of Denmark or his subjects shall be wrecked in our territories or harbours, then such shattered ships together with all merchandise therein shall belong to no other than solely the King of Denmark and to his subjects.

13   The village called Tranquebarry shall be and remain the property of the King of Denmark for the next two years, but after the said two years we shall collect duties and other incomes imposed on foreign sampans and on strangers who come to the said village with the purpose of selling or purchasing merchandise, unless we contract otherwise.

14   The King of Denmark and his subjects or companies shall also be permitted to build fortresses in the said Tranquebarry in accordance with their wishes, and we shall supply them with as much Lime and stone as they require for the purpose.

15  After the said two years have elapsed, the Danes shall never freight goods or merchandise in their ships for other people, in order that we may not be defrauded of duties on merchandise being landed in Tranquebarry.

We, Ragonata Naike, promise on our behalf and on the be hail of our successors, Rugonats, Kings of Tanjour, and on the strength of our royal name, truly and well to observe and to fulfil the contract in all its parts and articles without any shortcomings and reservations, and to prove that we shall observe it in all eternity we have confirmed the same with our royal hand and seal, and given our hand to the said



Signed in our royal city Tanjour on the 19th day of November in the year 1620.

To article 7 should be added the request that we shall never permit the Dutch, the English, and the French to trade or to indulge in any form of business or carry out any form of activity in any of our territories.

To article 11 should be added that the Danes and the Portuguese shall always be friends in our territories and on our coasts, and that they shall never inflict harm or war on each other.

To article 14 should be added that the subjects or companies of the King of Denmark shall be permitted to build a fortress in the said Tranquebarry in order to safeguard the goods and merchandise they have in the said town, to the building of which fortress we shall not supply lime and stone, but that the purchase of lime and stone and shall be at their own expense.

Naike's Signature.

Overskrift 1